Friday, August 19, 2016

ZTE and Tracfone Crap With Android System Updates

I spent the last month between these two companies and ended up with just nothing with these guys. For one I started asking ZTE support but all they would say is they understand and do nothing. Tried again and nothing. So I went to Tracfone support and they told me that randomly the devices get updates. Still nothing is done.

I was tired of playing run around for a bit and then for last few days I tried again with ZTE and not a damn thing. More excuses and telling me that I should go to Tracfone because they are the ones the device works with and they do the updates. I go to the support forum for ZTE and say I am frustrated and not buying another ZTE device and BS comes from the users on the forum defending ZTE and really ZTE is just shit company with cheap ass devices in the first place.

So for another try I made a review on Best Buy of the ZTE Citrine I was trying to get Marshmallow update for. It is a damn year old OS and not a damn thing these two companies will do a thing. So I gave this shitty two star review and low and behold Tracfone crap staff says to email them over this issue. Well, emails back and forth and nothing happening still and being ignored. I decided to call this toll free number to headquarters but I get an Indian answering the phone.

They can't speak English worth crap. So I said get someone that speaks English and still another Indian that can't speak clearly. Transfer again and finally a speaking English person that does talk right. Barely hear him over the long distance call but he tells me that they do not ever, ever do updates to the software and it is ZTE. So basically, if you guys ever have Tracfone or a ZTE to work on Tracfone. Move to another device fast. This is pathetic shit of an excuse to not offer the Android OS updates.

Restrictions to those who own the damn device gets no choice what so ever to have updates from these two companies. Even if they see this and tried to contact me over this. I will not waste any more time on this BS with both companies. They both suck massively and should never have a business license. I am only stuck with Tracfone because of budget. If I was more into money, then I would be out of Tracfone as long as I can. This is fucked up and should never be like this, if they want consumers to stick with them.

Hell No, I will not support ZTE on my next device. I only stick with Tracfone until I can get some income coming in. They should go to hell for this. No reason at all to not offer updates to the OS for any size of device or how old it is. Flagships are not paid OS. So how is it their losing any money with lower spec older phones? Nada, and this is sickening that they have no respect for even their own low end devices. Who thinks that is fair? If you do, then something is not clearly all there for you.

Proof and go to Best Buy and look up unlocked phones and find Alcatel Pixi 4 and a BLU device with 4 gb internal with 512 mb ram and they both have Marshmallow on them. BS is all I can say. I have to pay more for a damn OS that is absolute free. They can kiss my ass. I do not need to pay more for a more recent OS. I don't with Windows and Apple does not either. They get free updates, but these two shitty companies keep us consumers from the updates.

To hell with these two companies. I do not recommend you use either company unless you want to stay behind the times. Tracfone has only Lollipop as their latest OS on their devices. Their Galaxy Samsung S6 is Lollipop and is a flagship phone. How pathetic is that? Pretty pathetic. Every flagship phone in the world gets the latest OS updates but not on Tracfone. So I am going to try my ass off to get somehow out of these two companies to use a smartphone.

Who wants to follow me? Too bad my budget sucks, because it looks like a forever thing for me but I do wish I could afford another phone to get the hell away from these two companies. Just don't trust the companies outside of USA. They care less about their customers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Atom Age Vampire 1960

The movie "Atom Age Vampire" really doesn't have anything to do with vampires at all which throws you off almost as soon as it starts. There's this gorgeous stripper Jeanette Moreneau, Susanne Loret, who's having trouble with her boyfriend sailor Pierre Mornot, Sergio Fantoni. Pierre is very critical of Jeanette taking her clothes off in public for a living. Walking out on the tearful Jeanette and taking the first ship out at sea Pierre has the distraught and suicidal Jeanette take off in her car and end up in a car smash-up with her gorgeous face hideously scared.

It's then when in the hospital that Monique Riviere, Franca Parisi, pays Jeanette a visit offering her through the experiments of her lover as well as boss Professor Albar Levin, Alberto Lupo, to have her militated faced restored. Professor Albar had read of Jeanette's accident and want's to try out his new cell restoration serum, Durma #28, on the poor woman. Reluctant at first Jeanette goes along with both Albar and Monique's scheme and almost like magic withing days, after she was almost given up on by the two, Jeanette is as beautiful as even with Durma #28 proving to be a complete success!

It's only later when the Durma #28 starts to ware off, something that Albar never expected it to do, that the by now crazed professor turns into a Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde type personality. For reasons never explained Albar turns himself into, by locking himself into a cockpit-like device, a half-man half-ape like maniac. Going out at night the professor attacks and murders a number of young women and then again not really explained how in the film uses their, what I can only guess, pituitary and thyroid glands to extract a new batch of Durma #28.

The serum is used by Albar on the decomposing Jeanette in order to bring her back to her full beauty. As you would expect all this attention towards Jeanette has Monique become jealous and it's then that Albar has her become, in extracting her natural Durma #28 secretions, put away on ice, in the city mortuary, for good. It's later on in the movie when Pierre comes back that things start to unravel for Albar and his plans to make Jeanette his permanent property.

Now fully restored, because of Albar's murderous efforts, and not decomposing anymore Jeanette tells Albar to take a hike since she's going back to her one and only love the handsome mariner Pierre Mornet. Feeling that he's been both humiliated and double-crossed, in all the great work he's done for her, by the ungrateful Jeanette Albar now not really wanting to live anymore goes on his last and final rampage. Albar turning again into an Apeman attacks a startled Pierre who, despite Albar's ape-like abilities, has no problem subduing the psycho.

The end for the now helpless Albar comes in his greenhouse where he kept Jeanette hidden from the public. With even his loyal mute gardener/handyman Sacha, Roberto Bertea, letting him down by not hiding Albar from the police all he can do is wait for the enviable and with the enviable he finally snaps, or through metamorphosis, becomes normal again. The thing is that by him becoming normal Albar became dead at the same time.

Rating : 3.5

Reviewed by Michael Bryner on August 4th 2016
Rating: 3.5